Types of wood panels or slabs (What are the shapes and types of wood panels and strips)

Posted on: January 13, 2021 12:41 pm

Wood panels or strips

Building your own wood floorboards, size and arrangement of panels will dramatically change the look of your room, there are one wood panels consisting of several smaller slats of wood, read about their differences here.

Single Plank: This means that each floor board is made to look like a single plank.
This effect for laminate flooring will look the most natural of lamination options and is definitely best suited for larger rooms.

Multi Strip: Multiple strip panels look like many individual small strips of wood on a single floor board, we think these panels work best in small rooms to give the illusion of more space.

Herringbone: It consists of several alternating rows of short wood panels in oblique parallel lines to create a striking uniform finish.
It is relatively difficult to install geometrically designed zigzag flooring, like all types of parquet, due to the large number of small panels that should perfectly align.

Chevron: Chevron parquet flooring is very similar to zigzag or pyramidal floors, the only difference is that Chevron has straight vertical lines between each two rows of sloping wood panels. So Chevron floors are more consistent which makes them a good choice for professional environments or for creating a sophisticated design feature in your home.

Stone / Tile: Another feature of wooden floors is that they are also available in square or rectangular tiles-like shapes, with a ceramic or stone look.
This is a great idea for your room if you are looking for a tiled effect but you do not want real tiles, and it is also much easier to install and maintain.

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