7 decor tips for choosing wallpaper

Posted on: December 23, 2020 6:52 pm

Wallpaper or wall cladding colors and patterns play a big role in treating its defects, by camouflaging the eye and deceiving the eyes and making small rooms look wider, the ceiling higher, dark corners brighter and in all cases, an appropriate plan must be prepared, before starting to install wallpaper,
here are some Decorating tips for choosing the right wallpaper:

1- It is preferable to precede the wallpaper installation step, the step of choosing furniture, and not vice versa, especially in the home that is completely re-furnished again, but if the purpose is to renew and revitalize the house, then the wallpaper must be in harmony with other decor features

2- The owner of the house must choose what he likes of wallpaper, even if the latter is unfamiliar, with thinking about the frames and colors of paintings, pictures and mirrors that are to be hung on the walls later, so that the final shape of the wall is not shocking or confusing to the eye

3- The owner of the house must choose the wallpaper that he likes, even if it is unfamiliar, with thinking and taking into account the colors of the paintings, pictures and mirrors that are to be hung on the wall later

4- Choose wallpaper in shades of color to suit the lighting of every corner, while not forgetting the leakage from windows and industrial lamps

5- Wallpaper can be used on one wall in the room to create an exceptional angle, especially with a wide range of options whose lines are inspired by plastic paintings, the worlds of music, cinema, nature and geometric motifs.

6- If there is a desire to install wallpaper in the house with the same design, it must be taken into account that the child’s room is very different from the wallpaper in the reception room or kitchen

7- It is better to first try wallpapering on the wall before starting the installation and pasting process because wallpaper may differ between the place of sale and the sticking it on large areas.

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