Silence Booth

Size M

Fits one or two people, suitable as a mini office

1. No any wooden material, no any glue, no any formaldehyde, no any risk to health;
2. Soundproofing cavity design structure on the wall, ceiling, floor of the silence booth;
3. Low carbon : Soundbox is the first company to use recycled carbon plastic materials in the silence booth in the world. For each Soundbox booth, carbon footprint≤0.071kg CO2e, aenergy consumption ≤0.4MJ, Air acidification≤0.0001kg SO2e, water eutrophication≤0.00002 PO4, let us care for our global home / earth

As per the investigation data, a good office sound environment can improve staff office efficiency by +23%, reduce staff error rate by -27%, and reduce staff frustration
Mood -34%, reduce employee fatigue -21%.

The Dimensions

External size:

Height: 2300 mm (90.55 in)
Width: 1500 mm (59.06 in)
Depth: 1,236 mm (48.66 in)

Internal Size:

Height: 2,140 mm (84.25 in)
Width: 1340 mm (52.76 in)
Depth: 1200 mm (47.24 in)

Size M is suitable for

A place to rest


Kids playroom

Music Training

Voice translation

video games

The Study

personal office

A special place to build ideas

Various sizes to meet your needs



Exterior size:

D936 x W1000 x H2300mm
(36.85 x 39.37 x 90.55 inches)

Inner size:

D900 × W840 × H2140
(35.43 x 33.07 x 84.25 inches)


for one person



Exterior size:

D1536 x W2200 x H2300 mm
(60.47 x 86.61 x 90.55 inches)

Inner size:

D1500 x W2040 x H2140 mm
(59.06 x 80.31 x 84.25 inches)


2 – 4 people

عرف معزولة صوتياُ



Exterior size:

D2136 x W2200 x H2300 mm
(84.09 x 86.61 x 90.55 inches)

Inner size:

D2100 × W2040 × H2140 mm
(82.68 x 80.31 x 84.25 inches)


4 – 6 people

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