9 tips on how to clean wallpaper

Posted on: February 4, 2021 6:40 pm

Here are a set of tips to follow when cleaning wallpaper:

1- Wipe the wallpaper from top to bottom to protect it, and to prevent the appearance of streaks or marks that affect its appearance

2- Wipe the wallpaper vertically

3- Avoid using detergents that scrape or scratch the wallpaper

4- Avoid using cleaning agents that depend on active solvents, chemicals, or even nail polish remover

5- Avoid using products that contain bleach

6- Avoid pouring water on the wallpaper too much and leaving it wet

7- Take care to clean the wallpaper periodically, and remove stains as soon as they occur

8- Drying the wallpaper in each area as soon as it is finished; To prevent water from reaching the inner layer

9- Take care to test the cleaning agent used in an area that is not exposed. To avoid scratches or the color of the wallpaper

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