1. The customer acknowledges that he has read the terms and conditions and that the types and colors of the parquet and the accessories included in the invoice are his choice and has paid its value while fully aware of its specifications and colors, bearing in mind that the accessories are not 100% identical to the parquet color, but rather close to the color.
  2. For wholesale customers, the company exchanges goods that have manufacturing defects, and the national company (ArchDeco) has no responsibility for changing and installing the goods at the customer.
  3. In the event of emergency circumstances beyond the control of the company, the company has the right to cancel the installation date and inform the customer of that, and a later date will be determined according to the company’s schedule in coordination with the customer.
  4. The numbers of the incoming products may vary according to the factory’s supply, with an emphasis that the color is the same.
  5. The price is fixed, with or without installation, and cannot be sold without the accessory.
  6. The national company (ArchDeco) has the right to cancel the order if the required quantity is not available in the warehouse.
  7. The invoice amount must be fully paid 48 hours before the installation date.
  8. The published price may include some colors of the category, but not the whole category.
  9. The published prices do not include the installation, accessories, and insulation layer, unless otherwise stated.
  10. Warranty:
    First: Home warranty: according to the factory warranty and varies according to the thickness of the parquet .
    Secondly: Public places: The warranty for public places varies according to the type of place (office, shopping mall, restaurant, etc.) .
    Third: A one-year installation warranty on all types of parquet, and in the event that no accessories are installed, the company does not guarantee the installation due to the absence of expansion joints..
    Fourthly: The warranty does not include misuse (washing or rinsing the parquet with water – the use of chemicals – the use of incendiary materials – the scratches caused by iron, blades and sharp tools).
    -The installation warranty will be canceled if the parquet is installed outside of the National Company (ArchDeco) or companies approved by the National Company (ArchDeco).
    -Installation within the city to which the point of sale belongs 
    -The national company (ArchDeco) leaves a distance of 8 mm between the parquet and the wall in order for the shrinkage and expansion process to be completed correctly and completely, and in the event that the customer does not allow this distance to leave, the installation warranty is canceled.
  11. The national company (ArchDeco) is not responsible if the ground is tilted
  12. Cut the doors from the bottom 1.5 cm to 2 cm according to the thickness of the parquet, the value of dismantling, cutting and installing the door at an amount of (100 SAR) per door or the company team disassembles it and does not return it.
  13. How to clean parquet: Wipe clean from dust first, then with a damp cloth after squeezing it.
  14. In the event that there is furniture at the site where the parquet is to be installed, it must be removed before the installation date, and the installation team does not remove the furniture, and if the client requests workers to remove the furniture, the company is not responsible for any damages resulting from that.
  15. In the event that there is any surplus in the quantities of parquet, it is considered as a sales return provided that the return is in its original condition and still wrapped in carton and is not open, cut or damaged, and in the absence of these conditions, the national company (ArchDeco) is not obligated to return, and the return must be made within a period not exceeding (10) days from the date of the invoice, and the amount of the return shall be received from the point of sale after 48 hours from the date of return, and the company alone reserves the right to accept or reject the return, at its discretion.
  16. In the event that there are any comments from the customer on the items included in the invoice, the seller must be informed at the time of receipt, and the customer has no right to object to what is mentioned in the invoice after receiving it..
  17. In the event of any dispute related to the replacement or return offer, the decision of the National Company (ArchDeco) will be final and binding, and in the event of a lawsuit (if any), the existing dispute will be subject to the competent courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  18. This invoice does not mean that the amount of the invoice has been fully paid, and the national company (ArchDeco) does not recognize except the receipt voucher signed by the seller..
  19. In the event that the sizes are made by the customer, they will be entirely responsible for him and the customer shall bear the value of the return fee (100 Saudi riyals) in the event of a shortage in quantities .
  20. The published quantities in the exhibition are the available quantities, and in the event of a shortage of the quantity, the company is not obligated to insure the shortage, and in the event that the color is not available or there is a technical defect in the goods, the customer has the right to return the invoice and refund the amount or change the color without questioning the company or charging it with any fines
  21. In the event that the customer does not respond to the installation team’s call half an hour before the agreed installation date, the appointment will be canceled and a new appointment will be set according to the company’s schedule.
  22. The National Company (ArchDeco) does not fill in the spaces between the skirting, the parquet and the old skirting, nor does it remove the old skirting, parquet, or old carpet.
  23. The national company (ArchDeco) advises its clients to place a piece of felt / rubber under the entire furniture to protect the parquet and extend its life span, and place a pad at the doors to prevent dust from entering.
  24. The amount is returned to the customer according to the payment method and with the same name of the customer within a period of 3 days to 6 working days from the date of the return request.
  25.  In the event that the customer does not receive an order within a maximum period of one months from the date of issuing the invoice, 10% of the total value of the invoice will be calculated as fees and storage costs for each month after the free period.
  26. Color may vary according to manufacture by 10%.
  27. An increase of 200 riyals is calculated if the required quantity is less than 25 meters