The most important information about lighting

Posted on: August 12, 2021 6:46 pm

Room lighting is very important and knowing how to choose its type of lighting is very important when choosing which lamp to buy.

Let us now explain the main points of calculating the light in each room:

Light is measured in different units of measure, lumens and lux:

Living room lighting: 100 – 250 lux

-Dining table light: 350 – 500 lux

Bedroom lighting: 50 – 150 lux

Kitchen lighting: 200 – 300 lux

Bathroom lighting: 150 – 200 lux

– Lobby lighting: 100 – 200 lux

– Bathroom mirror light: 400 – 500 lux

Study or reading table: 400-600 lux

When choosing a type of light, you can have a clear idea of the number of lumens, but there are many factors that change which LED light you will need or prefer. These factors affect lighting that depends on bulbs and/or lamps

Light color temperature

Light opening angle (focused light)

Warm light: illumination with an equal number of lumens (2800K – 3500K)

Neutral light: luminous values (3800K – 4500 .).

Cold light: luminous values (>5000K)

When you have a spotlight, you will have a very bright spot. They are usually placed to illuminate parts of the wall, hallways, and very specific areas of rooms.

In contrast, ambient light creates uniform illumination in large spaces such as illuminating a room or an entire wall

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