Modern 3D wall cladding-2

Posted on: February 4, 2021 6:50 pm
Traditional paints are no longer the only ways to add special artistic touches to walls, as wall cladding has become popular in the world of decorations and is not only limited to colors, but interest has moved to drawings, shapes and inscriptions, each of which has its own effect, and among these designs: Nature view: makes the person sitting inside the room feel that he is living in the reality of that scene where the person feels that he is part of it and that he lives inside it, giving him a feeling of comfort and a different feeling Roses view: fits with girls ‘and girls’ rooms, sitting rooms as well and any place you want to impart a character of tenderness and sweetness Geometric shapes view: scenes from artistic drawings on angles and curves make a special effect Symbols and letters: express interest and deep thought for a specific group of people
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