6 tips for choosing the right moquette

Posted on: December 23, 2020 6:49 pm

One of the basic things in the world of decoration is moquette and choosing the right moquette for the home is an important matter as it gives the house a beautiful look, and one of its most important benefits is protecting the floor and reducing the noise resulting from stepping on feet, so here are the most important tips for choosing the right carpet for your home:

-When choosing moquette for the rooms of the house, be sure to choose a different color of carpeting than the color of the walls so that you do not feel faded in the colors of the room, so the colors of the carpet must be opposite to the color of the walls and furniture

-It is preferable to use pieces of carpet in the hallways, which adds a touch of warmth and special appeal to the house

-Decor experts always advise choosing carpet first at home before choosing furniture and accessories, to make carpet design inspire you to design furniture and decorations.

-If you prefer not to be restricted, then you should choose the carpet that is plain or that contains neutral colors, because it will not stand in front of you when changing furniture or decor at home.

-Rely on choosing light colored carpet in narrow rooms to give a feeling of spaciousness

-Be sure to choose bright and cheerful carpet colors and graphics for the child’s bedroom, and the room can be filled with characters and details that are liked by the child so that he feels happy in his room

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