What is parquet board?

Posted on: June 9, 2021 4:19 pm

Just note that the decoration of the walls with a parquet board does not imply the selection and purchase of any special board made for vertical installation. You will have to deal with ordinary dies, originally intended for the device of the floor base, observing some techniques for laying vertical surfaces.

There are two types of parquet board, excellent in the method of production. The first option is a massive palette, the second is multi-layered. Massive is a product obtained from hard wood with a comb and groove at the ends. They get it mainly from conifers, less often from deciduous trees.

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Multilayer board is the result of the correct combination of several types of wood with different properties. At the output, the product receives a set of high-performance properties, it can be actively used for finishing floors and walls in rooms for various purposes. The board consists of three main layers:

The first class is the species of the most expensive and durable trees. The appearance of the parquet board depends on their choice, the quality of processing.
The second layer is a softer wood with fibers perpendicular to the fibers of the first layer.
The third layer is pine or plywood with a thickness of up to 4 mm.

Finished parquet boards are sold with a protective coating that prevents damage when interacting with fungi or insects. Regardless of the type of board, the life of the board is affected by the observance of installation techniques and operating rules.

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