Wallpaper design in a contemporary home

Posted on: September 1, 2020 9:19 pm
In the bedroom The white color can be chosen for the wallpaper with the bedroom furnishings because the white color brings comfort, calm and cleanliness, and also contributes to making the room larger, bearing in mind that it needs constant care. In the living room To give a calm character to the living room, you can choose relatively pale and dark wallpaper colors such as gray and its shades, brown and light shades, or a combination of these two colors. In the guest reception room The reception room gives guests a glimpse of the taste of the homeowner, so wallpaper designs can vary between daring and classic, with static colors, in addition to accessories commensurate with the room’s decor In the toilets The toilets contain more consumer sanitary items than to be aesthetic and carry soft colors that do not tend to sharpness, so you must choose wallpaper that is suitable such as white, white, yellowish and non-dark black shades.
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