How to install and glue wallpaper

Posted on: September 1, 2020 10:08 pm

Wallpaper or wall cladding has become one of the modern ways that many people want to use it in their homes as a kind of change from traditional decorations due to the ease of installation, paste and cleanliness, but many cannot paste it individually, so we present to you the steps to follow to paste wallpaper

First: Preparations before pasting the Wallpaper

  • Measure the length of the wall from the ceiling to the floor, taking into account adding some centimetres, ranging from 4 to 6 cm
  • When purchasing Wallpaper, you must estimate the number of turns that the wall will need, and you should pay attention to the appropriate width, as there are several sizes for Wallpaper
  • Disconnect the electrical current before starting any work near electrical outlets and switches
  • Put some newspaper on the ground under the wall to be covered, in order to keep the floor clean.

Second: How to paste Wallpaper

  • Winding the paper with the back side facing the outside, and then bringing a container for water, taking into account that the amount of water is one third of the container.
  • Dipping the paper in cold water for a certain period not exceeding one minute, or according to the instructions of the authority from which this paper was obtained
  • Ensure that water has reached all sides of the paper evenly.
  • Spread the paper on the table, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the adhesive.
  • Using a pencil and a ruler, to draw a line that starts from the ceiling and ends with the floor, and to stick paper on it and make sure of its straightness
  • Gently swipe over the paper with your hand after you finish pasting it, to make sure it is firmly attached to the wall.
  • Using a special brush for circular paper, to pass it over the parts that have been glued, in order to get rid of any air under the paper, in addition to reducing the formation of voids or creases on the paper
  • Use a wet sponge to get rid of any materials attached to the paper.
  • Paste the second piece with the same steps as the first piece, taking care to coordinate the inscriptions in a good way, to avoid the appearance of the line that separates the two papers
  • Pressing on the line separating the two papers by the rotating cylinder, taking into account the pressure lightly and in an appropriate manner

In the end, an expert in Wallpapering can be used to estimate the number of suitable rolls and to ensure the correct installation and adhesive methods in order to avoid any loss.

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