Tips for choosing Parquet shading level

Posted on: July 30, 2020 12:18 pm

Tips for choosing a floor shading

Choosing a laminate flooring cover or color gives you more control over the final appearance of the floor, there are benefits for all different shading. Read more about it here to decide which shade is best for your needs.

Light: If you want to add some light to your room, light wood floors will definitely give the illusion of additional brightness and help to reflect light around your living space.
Light floors work well in modern homes We also recommend this floor shade in a busy or commercial environment

Medium: Real wood shade with medium shade appears to be the most popular choice, perhaps due to its ability to work well with light or dark interior decoration.
We would like to advise that the medium wood shades still depend on the natural color of the types of wood used (i.e. the medium oak will be much lighter than the medium walnut).

Dark: Dark wood floors are very popular in both modern and traditional homes.
It reminds us of cozy old cottages with a burning fire, on the other hand, dark floors will definitely add a stylish design factor to a bright room.

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