Tips for choosing moquette colors

Posted on: November 1, 2020 10:25 pm

There are several options for using colors in (carpet) moquette, provided that they match the nature and colors of the space in which they are used, and our relationship with colors is greater than the issue of the tendency towards a specific color, in the study of the basics of decoration and design there is what is called the philosophy of colors, which depends on understanding, harmony and love as well.
Here are some tips for choosing your carpet color:
1- Dark colors reflect elegance and add a special identity and distinctiveness to large rooms, and it has an amazing ability to embrace all kinds of decoration schemes, but it is advised to avoid dark walls in this case
2- Light floors generally reflect calmness and peace, as the light-colored carpet (moquette) will make the room appear larger, in addition to the light color will make the room appear less dark and cramped, so the light carpet can also suit dark furniture.
3- The beige or orange shades of the carpet will look great after placing them with the appropriate furniture. They will give a feeling of comfort and warmth.
4- The shades of the blue color is considered the color of calm, tranquility and safety, and it is the most appropriate color for bedrooms and office rooms as well, where research confirms that it increases production and work capacity, and it is recommended to use light-colored floors with this color
5- Black is the color of power, sophistication, elegance, mystery and wealth, so you must have the courage to use it in decor designs
6- The violet color in its degrees is considered a strange color to nature as it is rare in it, but it represents sophistication, rarity and nobility, suitable for places of innovation such as music rooms or a writer’s room, and it is very appropriate in the entrances as it is beautiful and has a welcome and embrace for visitors
7- The red color is the color of warmth, energy and beauty, and it is preferable to use it in the dining rooms because it is appetizing and adds excitement to the room, and if we take the advantages of red and the calm of yellow, the orange color with its warmth, vitality and beauty is also suitable for living rooms

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