Steps to design a home cinema

Posted on: September 6, 2020 5:44 pm

The idea of ​​allocating one of the rooms in the house to be a miniature cinema, or as it is known as home cinema, is a modern idea that will attract movie-watching enthusiasts in the cinema, and this is considered one of the latest technologies that have begun to spread widely in recent years.
In this article, we will present the steps and specifications of a cinema or home theater and its equipment:

First: a home theater room
Before starting the preparations and equipment, you must determine the appropriate room for the home cinema, as the room should not be sunny, that is, the number of windows in it should be few because the main goal of the cinema in general is to watch movies in the dark or with dim lighting, and you must also take into account that the room is far from Break and sleep rooms, so that the rest of the house is not disturbed by the sounds.

As for residents of villas, it is better for them to use the basement, as it is considered the most appropriate place to create a home theater, as it lacks lighting that is not necessary to watch movies better, and this area is isolated from the rest of the halls of the house and benefits from the lack of sound transmission to the rest of the rooms of the house.

Second: Should we choose a TV or a projector?
When talking about home theater technology, there are two options for viewing movies, either a projector (overhead projector) or a large-sized home theater TV. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing between a TV or a projector, the most important of which are resolution and size:

1- Resolution: No matter the size of the TV, the resolution of displaying images is often very high, and it is equal whether the television is small or very large, and as for the projector (projector), the accuracy is governed by the dimension and proximity of the device, i.e. the further away the device is, the greater the size of the display Image, and this causes the resolution to decrease.

So .. This feature counts in favor of the TV, which displays images more clearly than an overhead projector.

2- Size compared to price: When comparing between TV and projectors, it should be noted that large TV screens need a good budget because their prices are very high when compared to the projector. As for the projector, it displays the photos in large size on the wall, which is the method used in cinemas.

Here, the favorable price advantage compared to the image size is calculated in favor of the projector, and it is worth noting the availability of well-made and high-quality types.

Third: a home theater sound system
Although these modern technologies are usually expensive, they are highly sought after by fans of music and movies, as they provide them with high quality sound.
To choose the most appropriate sound system, the room size must be determined, as the most appropriate system is chosen based on the area of ​​the room that has been chosen to be a home theater, as small room sound distributors will not fit in large rooms, and vice versa.

Fourth: Home theater decoration
Finally, after the technical section of the home theater has been prepared, it is the turn of the furniture, as it is necessary to coordinate the decoration in a way that gives you the feeling of being in the cinema, and here are the most important pieces of furniture that must be available:

1- Seats: The seats must be very comfortable, and for a cinema-like atmosphere, it is possible to choose leather seats for those looking for luxury and luxury, it is possible to choose the leather relaxation chairs (Lazy Boy), which is the ideal type for watching movies in complete comfort.

2- Curtains: It is preferable to use uniform-colored curtains, as the decoration should not be overrated because the aesthetic of a home theater room lies in simplicity, in addition to choosing the heavy and dark fabric in order to completely isolate the light from the room, in order to have a better home cinema experience.

3- Shelves: The shelves can be used for storage purposes, by placing CDs on them, we can also use them to place decorative pieces such as miniature statues of cartoon characters and your favorite movie characters, as this cute addition will give an impression that will take you to the world of movies.

4- Posters: You can install posters on the empty wall space in order to break the rigidity of the room and exploit the empty spaces, which will make the place more lively, as you can choose posters that contain pictures of your favorite movie or the characters you like, but if the home cinema room is for children, it will be nice Putting stickers for Disney World that children love.

Fifth: the snack food corner
Now that the room is ready, we can consider a snack corner. It is possible to allocate a corner in the room to place snacks to eat while watching movies, and among the most distinctive ideas, a miniature device to create popcorn, and a small refrigerator containing your favorite drinks.

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