Types of laminate flooring

Posted on: June 23, 2020 8:16 pm

Laminate flooring
It is a recycling of wood and the parquet flooring consists of four layers, the last to ensure the durability and integrity of the parquet and the highest one is a heat insulating layer while the third layer is a colored layer and decorated with different designs and the outer layer is a transparent layer to ensure that the parquet pieces are not damaged and protect them from scratches
Types of wood are used in the manufacture of parquet, such as nuts, pine, etc., as well as mahogany, which is one of the finest woods. The thickness of laminate parquet ranges between 7 mm to 12 mm and many types of parquet are produced with different techniques. We list the most important of these techniques that distinguish each type separately:

(AC) Technology : This technique was developed to measure the ability of parquet to withstand pressure, such as heavy movement and load pressure

1- AC3 technology: Less durable than others to pressure it is suitable for home use in all rooms of the house, But it is not suitable for shops, stores and stores

2- AC4 technology: It bears more pressure than its predecessor, as it is suitable for home use, commercial use and shops

3- AC5 technology: It bears a higher pressure than the two and is the most durable for any pressure and load. It is suitable for home and commercial use as well for warehouses and stores.

laminate flooring specifications
1- Resistant to stains from pouring water or juice
2- Resistant to the effect of lighting
3- Moisture-proof
4- Corrosion resistant
5- Resistant to pressure loads as mentioned
6- Heat resistant
7- Easy to take care of
8- Comfortable for walking

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